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To Balayage or not to Balayage>>

We've all heard the term, we've all seen the Pinterest photos. But most of us can't pronounce it, and between us friends, I had to Google to make sure I spelled it correctly. So what exactly is Balayage? In short, it is the French word meaning "to paint". To be more precise, it is a technique of highlighting the hair in which the strands are painted in such a way to create a more natural, graduated look. The ultimate goal is to create that summer spent at the beach look, that natural look a child has whose too young to appreciate it. (A moment of silence please). So why is it all the rage? It takes some pretty impressive skills on the hair artiste's part, and it is a very lengthy process. Is it right for you? For me...and please also keep this between us...I absolutely love the roughed up cuticle my bleach and foils produce. I know, I know, CRINGE. And with my damage comes a lighter lift, a less *cough* natural look, and many scowls from my hair girls. Not to worry-I am also a self confessed product junkie-I know how to revive my hair. Which is a good thing because my love of foils also puts me back in the stylist chair more often. The beauty of Balayage allows for a more gradual grow out, verses those horrible mousey brown roots that show up every four weeks.

So which process is right for you? I know, I can't keep everyone from eyeing those perfect Pinterest tresses, but do yourself a huge favor....Schedule a free consult with a experienced stylist who can guide you in the right direction. (And yes, I have a few I can strongly recommend) Whatever you decide, have an open and honest conversation with your stylist so you are paying for the exact results you want! Who has time and money to waste on otherwise? OH-and be sure to grab some of those salon quality products to show those tresses some extra love in the meantime!

Heres what we LOVE:

Color WOW dream cocktail, kale-infused: apply to shampoo and conditioned hair after towel drying, heat style as usual, and reduce breakage immediately!! Don't believe me-check out your bathroom floor...

Eufora Smooth N' oil- ingredients boast Moringa, Abyssinian, Safflower and Olive Oil. Toss in a shot of Shea Butter and need we say more??

Miami Beach Bombshell Clay lightening powder- (used in salon) goes on in a cream form, and hardens directly to the hair, locking in moisture during the process. Added bonus-it's blue! Bye bye brassiness!!

But don't just take my word for it!!


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