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The Absolutely unbelievable benefits of an Infared Sauna!!

Have you heard?? We are big fans of our beloved Infared sauna around here! Welcome, or welcome back. If this is your first time hearing of this amazing contraption- keep reading! What makes an Infared sauna so superior? In short- it's way cooler than its ancestral model cousins. Instead of steam units, it uses electromagnetic light panels to create heat, which are nothing short of magical. Below are the top 5 reasons we can't get enough sauna time!

  1. Pain relief. Ok, so this one might be obvious, but do you know what's going on in your body to make it such a heavy hitter against pain? In short, Infared saunas improve your sore muscles by improving your blood circulation. Simple as that! Repeated use has also shown to improve chronic pain as well.

  2. Fat buster. Yup, an Infared sauna can stimulate the fat cells in your body, causing them to break down and release toxins. One 20 minute session can burn up to 400 calories!

  3. Boosts collagen. Collagen is that glorious goodness under our many layers of skin that helps give it plumpness; and sadly says adios as we age. It is also what preserves our joint and bone health. Enough said.

  4. Eczema's best friend. By delivering more oxygen to the skin, an Infared sauna helps to cleanse pores of toxins and helps the skin to shed those dead skin cells. It also helps to control inflammation, which in turn minimizes that constant aggravating itch.

  5. Relaxation. Maybe a favorite side effect, studies show improved sleep, reduced depression symptoms and lower stress levels. More specifically, lower levels of oxidative stress, also know as free radical damage. Free radical damage is directly linked to cardiovascular disease, cancer as well as dementia

Is there anyone who should skip the sauna session? Unfortunately, yes. Anyone pregnant or trying to conceive or anyone suffering from MS. Excessive heat is advised against for any of those conditions. Because dehydration is also a possibility, if you're currently sick it's best to wait until your feeling better to give it a try.

Wondering what to expect for your first session here at Whits End? Wear whatever you are comfortable in! You will be in a private room with spa robes, slippers and towels provided, however if you would like to wear a bathing suit, or loose shorts and a top-that's perfectly fine! We recommend 20 minute sessions, but you will control the time and temperature. If you need to split your session into 2 ten minute sessions with a break in between that's no problem. Water is provided for you (as we recommend drinking a lot of it!) or feel free to bring your own. You may set your own relaxation soundscapes or just enjoy the beautiful quiet.

Not quite sold yet? Pop in to check it out in person. With a little heads up we are glad to answer any questions one on one, or just show you the space where you will meet your best friend. Give us a call or text at 410-643-4488. The only other question you will have will be "Why did I wait so long?!"

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