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Facial cupping- and why you need it!

You may remember those crazy repeating circles all over Michael Phelps at the 2016 Olympics? Or Gwyneth Paltrow proudly showing her purple marks on the red carpet? What was that all about?? Cupping. More specifically, in their case body cupping. Even better- there's a more specific cupping treatment designed for your face! So you can enjoy putting your best face forward, even if your not winning a gold medal or walking the red carpet this week.

If you are a fan of our dear Gwyneth and her GOOP, you're familiar with the alternative form of healing practiced mainly in Asia, but what about facial cupping? First let me start by addressing that when the treatment is done correctly, facial cupping does not produce the bruising it's body sibling does. The tools used are somewhat different, and do not produce the same level of suction. That being said-different it the same; vacuum-like suction tools gently separate the many layers of tissues with in your skin. This creates what we call a micro trauma, and results in a rush of white blood cells and other fabulous healing aids. Results are produced in a matter of days with virtually no down time or dangerous side effects. What more do we need??

Well, maybe just a bit more because we deserve it right? While this treatment can be done at home, it is advised to leave it to a profesh to ensure proper procedure. Because cupping does stimulate blood flow and lymphatic fluid draining, it's best to follow a specific pattern. What's more- you'll need a product with the proper viscosity to allow the cups to flow easily across the skin, furthering the unlikely hood of bruising. My personal fave- mixing the goodness of essential oils as an extra treat for the skin and senses!! Like I said-we deserve the extra!

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